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SOC 100 Week 5 Learning Team Global Social Issues and Change Paper and Presentation

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Select a current, global social issue related to political, economic, cultural, structural, ecological, environmental, demographic, or technological change.

Explore the Culturegrams resource in the University library for specific information and data on nations and ethnic groups around the world. To access the Culturegrams resource, complete the following steps:


·         Click the Library Resources link.

·         Click Country Profiles and Economic Data.

·         Click Culturegrams.

·         Navigate by clicking on the map and by using the keyword Search option.


Research peer-reviewed articles, and provide pro and con arguments on the global social issue.

Write a 1,750- to 2,400-word comprehensive paper on your chosen topic. Complete the following:


·         Identify the global social issue.

·         Identify the specific, affected population groups, if applicable.

·         Identify how the social issue has affected global social change.

·         Explain any resistance to the social change.

·         Explain how various affected social groups have dealt with the issue.

·         Explain which sociological theory of social change best applies to the social issue for future research, and explain why that theory is appropriate.


Cite at least five academic, peer-reviewed sources.

Prepare a 10–15 slide PowerPoint® presentation on your topic. Include speaker notes, and cite your sources.

Utilize at least one reference and in-text citation in your paper.

Format the paper and presentation consistent with APA guidelines.

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SOC 100 Week 5 DQ 2

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Proponents of environmental justice claim that racial minorities are disproportionally subjected to environmental hazards. Reflect on your views regarding environmental issues. Do you favor the economic factors over protection of the environment? Why or why not? Would you be willing to house a chemical or nuclear waste repository in your neighborhood? Why or why not?

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SOC 100 Week 4 Learning Team Social Impact Survey and Paper

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Brainstorm questions, and create a 5- to 10-question survey to administer to team members’ coworkers or adult acquaintances.

·         The survey must allow the team to gather information about the effects and influence of neocolonialism, globalization, or multinational corporations.

·         Possible questions might focus on if and how, within the past 10 years, the target topic has affected or changed the survey participants’ personal relationships, work roles, statuses, identified social groups, cultures, the environment, and the economy.


Access a free survey site of your choice for examples and suggestions on survey templates and question types. The survey must contain at least one multiple choice question and at least one rating-scale question.

Ensure that your survey meets the following requirements. These are mandatory for all surveys:


·         All surveys must be administered to adult participants only. For purposes of sociological research, an adult is defined as an individual who is 18 years of age or older.

·         All students must perform a face-to-face survey interview with their respondents. Surveys are not to be administered online.

·         All students must access the UOP disclaimer and must print enough copies for the total number of participants.

·         All students must read and present the disclaimer document to be signed by the respondent prior to beginning the survey interview.

·         All surveys must begin with the following question: What is your age?

·         The interview must stop immediately if respondent is less than 18 years of age. If the respondent is 18 years of age or older, the interview may proceed.

Administer the approved survey to at least five adult acquaintances or coworkers.

Prepare a 500- to 1,000-word summary in which you present the data, a summary of the data results, and the Learning Team’s preliminary conclusions on the social effect of the target topic based on the survey results. Include the survey questions.

Utilize at least one reference and in-text citation in your paper.

Format the survey and paper consistent with APA guidelines

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SOC 100 Week 4 Individual Symbolic Interactionist Perspective Media Analysis

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To focus on nonverbal and symbolic behavior, this assignment requires that you mute the volume of the television for a program’s duration.


Select a television program that you know contains social inequality or social class themes.  

Prepare a 750- to 1,250-word analysis of the program in which you complete the following:


·         Provide a brief introduction that includes the program’s title, describes the type of program, and explains which social theme you are addressing.

·         Describe and explain scenes that apply to the social theme.

·         Identify all observed body language, facial expressions, gestures, posture stances, modes of dress, nonverbal cues, symbols, and any other observed nonverbal forms of communication in the scenes.

·         Explain your interpretation of the meanings of the identified nonverbal communications and symbolism.

·         Summarize how these interpretations are important to the sociological understanding of your chosen social inequality or social class theme.

·         Suggest how your interpretation of the respective meanings might be generalized to society as a whole.

·         Provide a conclusion that summarizes the key points in your analysis.

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SOC 100 Week 4 DQ 2

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A majority of residents of the United States are descendents of ethnic groups from around the world. Explain symbolic ethnicity. Reflecting on your cultural heritage and traditions, does your family practice symbolic ethnicity, fully maintain an ethnic identity, or have they fully assimilated into American culture? Define and explain American ethnic cultures.

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SOC 100 Week 3 Learning Team Online Social Networking Paper

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Complete the following, individually:

·         Enter at least one online social networking website of your choice.

·         Explore and participate in the site.


Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word analysis paper, as a team, and address the following components:


·         Identify the accessed online social network sites.

·         Describe the sites’ purposes, content, and participant populations.

·         Describe each individual’s experience in the chosen site.

·         Address the following questions:


o    What is the cultural significance of online social networks?

o    What is the social effect of online social networks?

o    What potential effect do online social networking sites have on face-to-face interaction?

o    What cultural values are reinforced or challenged by online social networking sites?

o    What are possible future online social networking trends?


Provide a conclusion that includes the following:


·         An assessment of the current, primary traditional agent of socialization in our society

·         A prediction on whether or not social networking sites will become the primary 21st century agent of socialization in our society


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SOC 100 Week 3 DQ 2

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Deviant behavior violates standards and expectations of a group social norm. Reflect on a time when you violated a widely shared and understood norm of your society. What was the norm? What was the violation? What sanctions did your social group place on you for your behavior?

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