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HRM 498 Week 5 Learning Team Strategic HRM Plan Part IV Final Report

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Choose two of the cultural HR issues from the chart (figure 15.3) on page 645 of “Managing Human Resources” by Bohlander.  Your choices must reflect your predictions for priorities and concerns in your division’s HRM plan.

Write a 750 word detailed analysis, explaining how these issues and cultural considerations affect your division and the strategic plans.


HRM Recommendations – Table Outline  (Section B)

Create a table providing  an outline of your recommendations for 3 HRM interventions/strategies to overcome or address challenges in meeting strategic plan objectives.  Include an explanation of how or why recommended interventions will be of help.


Executive Summary (Section C)

Create a 300- to 500-word executive summary which provides a high level overview of your company, its primary product/business lines, its main strategic plan objectives, the major limitations or challenges the company faces, the HRM strategies/interventions that will be put in place to address these challenges.

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HRM 498 Week 5 DQ 1

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What is the best strategy for addressing issues that may arise when a strategic plan is implemented? Should stakeholders be involved? Should changes be made during a strategic plan’s initial unfolding if problems arise? Should this be staved off in favor of data collection?

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HRM 498 Week 4 Learning Team Strategic HRM Plan Part III Evaluation and Assessment Memo

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Resource: Step Six: Evaluation and Assessment in Ch. 2 of Managing Human Resources

Select one of the following evaluative measures that your organization should use to measure its effectiveness over the next five years:   Employee turnover rates, Position or Job Vacancy Rates,  Employee Performance Ratings, Productivity Measures or Work Injury Rates,

Prepare a 350-500 word paper 

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HRM 498 Week 4 Individual Consideration for Ethics and Diversity Proposal

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Choose one ethical consideration outlined under the “Guidelines for Developing a Code of Ethics/ Conduct outlined in exhibit 2-4 on pg. 57 of Strategic HR by Mello.

Choose one of the following diversity issues: race, gender, ethnicity or age.

Write a 500-word paper explaining how and why your selected ethical and diversity issues impact the HRM planning process. Provide recommendations for addressing these considerations. Suggest specific recommendations for best practices for dealing with each consideration. Provide a rationale.

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HRM 498 Week 4 DQ 3

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Telecommuting is becoming more widely used by organizations than ever before. After reading pages 48 – 49 of the Strategic Human Resource Management Text, answer the following questions:

1. What are some of the most important considerations in determining if a position is appropriate for telecommuting.

2. What are some of the potential risks or disadvantages from the company’s point of view of having employees telecommute?

3. If you were the manager of a telecommuter how would you measure his/her performance?

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HRM 498 Week 4 DQ 2

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1.      Share your opinion on one advantage of merit based pay systems.

Assuming that the merit based plan has been effectively communicated to the employee and that the employee understands the system and therefore has confidence in the system then one advantage of a merit based pay program is that it does motivate the employee to perform at a higher level if the employee sees that the raise is related to their performance and that the system is consistent.

2. Identify and discuss one of the disadvantages of merit based pay system outlined in the text book. Add your own thoughts to expand upon this discussion.

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HRM 498 Week 4 DQ 1

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What are some key elements to assessing a domestic culture? What are some keys to assessing a foreign culture? How does HR ensure the assessment is successful? What steps must be taken to move from assessing a culture to evaluating its integration in a company?

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HRM 498 Week 3 Learning Team Strategic HRM Plan Part II Strategic Plan and Environmental Analysis Report

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Strategic Plan Overview  (Part A)


Write a 500 word paper identifying two strategic plan objective for your company (Examples of strategic plan objectives include company growth/expansion, product or service diversification, quality improvement, talent acquisition and retention, increase company brand recognition, increase community partnerships/alliances, etc.)   Identify two different HR conditions and explain how one of these conditions impacts your first strategic plan objective and how the other HR condition impacts your second strategic plan objective.  Make recommendations on actions needed to improve these HR conditions in order to achieve strategic plan objectives.  (HR conditions include staffing levels, job/position vacancy rates, labor/talent availability, benefit costs, overtime costs, competitiveness of wages)


Environmental Analysis Report (Part B)


Research one of the below listed environmental factors affecting the HRM planning process of your selected company such as the following:

Write a 350- 500-word summary of your environmental analysis.

  Internal or external industry trends

  Economic factors

  Legal and legislative issues

  Internal or external technological changes

  Demographic or labor trends

  Social concerns, such as education, family, or sustainability factors


Gap Analysis (Part C)

Complete the Gap Analysis Matrix

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