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EDL 520 Week 6 Learning Team Professional Development Workshop on Constructivist Theory

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Resource: Table 4.2 in Ch. 4 of Instructional Leadership
Develop a professional development workshop that addresses ways in which teachers can incorporate constructivist theory into their teaching.
Address inquiry learning and problem-based learning in your workshop. You will draw from research, learned concepts from the text, and discussions in this course on how to communicate and address the concerns that teachers have when incorporating types of constructivist theories in instruction.

Prepare a multimedia presentation of your professional development workshop that includes the following:


Rationale for the approach you took when developing the professional development workshop, such as answering how your workshop will help teachers

Overview of the professional development workshop

Examples of at least two activities that will be conducted during the professional development workshop

Demonstration of one activity from your professional development workshop that assists teachers in applying the constructivist theory to their teaching


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EDL 520 Week 6 Individual Data Analysis Project

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Review your state’s Department of Education website to locate your school’s performance data for the last 3 years. If there are no state results for your school, you may compile and use your school’s standardized test scores.
Analyze your school’s data and create a brochure, poster, website, or presentation to share the following information with the school faculty:
The specific areas of students’ strengths and weaknesses

Strategies you would use to capitalize on the school’s strengths

Strategies you would recommend to improve the school’s weaknesses

Recommendations for presenting this information to the community

Prepare a 1-page handout that explains your Data Analysis Project.

Format your project consistent with APA guidelines.


For this assignment, you will choose from the following options:

Option 1: School Culture and Climate Staff Meeting Presentation

Option 2: School Culture and Climate Parent and or Community Brochure

Option 3: School Culture and Climate Plan

Read the instructions in : Analysis of School Culture located on the student website and select one option to complete the assignment.


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EDL 520 Week 5 Individual Mentoring New Teachers Developing a Classroom Management Plan

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The assignment’s purpose is to gain practical experience as an instructional leader by developing an action plan for working with first-year teachers to help them effectively manage their classrooms.

Resource: “Leadership Challenge” section in Ch. 5 of Instructional Leadership

Prepare a 700- to 1,050-word action plan for a new teacher. Your plan should place you in the role of an instructional leader who will develop an action plan for working with a new teacher on classroom management skills.

Include the following in your plan:

How would you approach the situation? Who should be involved?

Which problem areas should the new teacher address first?

In this situation, would giving rewards or administering punishments be useful? Why or why not?

What specific suggestions would you give to this teacher?

How would you support the teacher in achieving positive change?

What additional resources might you encourage this teacher to utilize?

Develop a 10- to 15-slide multimedia presentation that provides an overview of your three favorite motivation theories. The presentation must include the following:

What theories did you select? Why are they your favorite motivation theories?

What are the strengths and weaknesses of each theory?

What are the practical applications of each theory? Provide some classroom examples of each.

What results do you expect from your teachers if they use the motivation theories you propose?
Develop four to six questions for teachers that will allow them to discuss or think about how to motivate their students.

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