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EDL 510 Week 6 Learning Team Global Service Learning Project Proposal

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Research and generate one possible idea individually, for a global service-learning project to be implemented in the classroom.

Share your idea with the team and select one idea as a team to develop. Then, share the idea with the class.

Use a technology collaboration tool to share your proposal with the class.

Include the following:


·         A list of ideas considered for a global-learning project

·         A rationale for the chosen idea

·         An outline of the key points

·         How the project is implemented in the classroom

·         The effects on global learning

The possible effects on the world

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EDL 510 Week 5 Individual Preparing 21st Century Learners Survey and Analysis

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Analyze the data from your Preparing 21st Century Learners Survey.

Prepare a visual representation of your results, such as graphs or charts.

Write a 350- to 700-word summary of your findings and a plan for improvement based on the survey results.

Submit the survey you created along with the visual representation, summary, and action plan.

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EDL 510 Week 4 Learning Team Advocating for Global Knowledge Project

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Research global or international education programs using the Internet and the University Library.

Create a persuasive piece in any modality, such as an editorial letter, an advertisement, a speech, or a video, highlighting the following:


·         The rationale for the need for increased global knowledge in education

·         Two examples of successful global education programs

Suggestions to increase global knowledge among kindergarten through 12th-grade students

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