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BUS 668 Week 5 Final Paper Updated

BUS 668 Week 5 Final Paper Updated

(1) Articulate whether an export business would prefer a rising or declining exchange rate for their domestic currency.

(2) Explain the effects of a fluctuating dollar with respect to a European tourist visiting the Grand Canyon.

(3) Explain the method that the Federal Reserve System (the Fed) uses most often to expand or contract the money supply.

(4) Differentiate among the following: a stock option price, strike price, put options, and call options. 

(5) Assess the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing stock options versus purchasing the stocks themselves.

(6) Articulate the functions that mutual funds have with respect to equity investing.

(7) Differentiate among the discount rate, prime rate, and the subprime rates of interest in terms of function and purpose.

(8) Explain the difference between the Fed targeting the interest rate versus the inflation rate using current monetary policy as an example.

(9) Illustrate monetarist theory using former Fed Chairman Volker’s policy approach to controlling inflation.

(10) Compare the effect of changing interest rates on treasury bills versus medium-term corporate bonds.

(11)Compare the characteristics of financial assets that typically serve as a safe haven during periods of market uncertainty with those of common stock

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BUS 668 Week 1 Assignment Mortgage, Depreciation Expense & Tax Analysis Updated

BUS 668 Week 1 Assignment Mortgage, Depreciation Expense & Tax Analysis Updated

Scenario #1: If the mortgage rate rises from 5% to 10%, yet the appreciation of houses that consumers buy rises from 2% to 9%, would you be more likely or less likely to buy a house as an investor?

Scenario #2: If interest were able to be deducted from income, how would that influence your decision in Scenario 1?

Scenario #3: In the case of Scenario 2, if taxes on the property were fully deductible from income earned, how would this influence your decision from Scenario 1?

Scenario #4: How do depreciation costs on the house that are deducted from income influence the decision on Scenario 1 during an inflationary or deflationary economy?

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