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BSHS 422 Week 5 Final Exam Case Study Guide

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Case Study

Esmeralda Trujillo, 35, has lived in your community for six months with her four children, ages 4, 6, 10, and 15. The family is living with relatives in a small house on the outskirts of the city, and they cannot stay there much longer.  In Guatemala, Esmeralda lived with her husband, had a garden that virtually fed the family, and spent part of her time weaving and sewing garments to sell at the local market. Her husband left to look for work “up north” and she has not heard from him for five months.  Esmeralda has a chronic cough and a skin rash. She speaks very little English. She has found occasional work cleaning houses, but it has not been enough to support her and the children. She has come to your agency asking for help and you are her case worker. Your job is to help her obtain the services she needs.


Answer each of the following questions in numbered separate paragraphs corresponding to the question.


1). What do you need to find out about Esmeralda and her family in order to create the most comprehensive treatment plan? Consider all important areas that effect Esmeralda and her children’s overall wellbeing based on the information given in the case study. Be specific and identify and list what areas need to be included in Esmeralda’s treatment plan.How will you find out this information?

2). What are the psychological, medical, and social issues both she and her children may be facing? Be specific.

3). What do you need to know about her cultural values/beliefs that may effect the delivery of social services? Why is it important to know this information as her case worker?  How will you obtain that information?

4). How do you approach her in a culturally sensitive way based on what you know about her cultural beliefs and values? What pitfalls must you avoid in order to be the most culturally competent service provider?

5).  Knowing what you know so far, what services might be helpful for Esmeralda and her children based on the needs you have identified in Question 1? What are the names of specific agencies or resources that you might refer her to in order to meet her most important needs? 

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