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DEVRY ACCT 244 Course Project Liquid Chemical Company Updated

DEVRY ACCT 244 Course Project Liquid Chemical Company Updated

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Course Project: Cost Analysis for Decision Making
The Liquid Chemical Company
This is one tough project, I started working on this as soon as I learned we had a project and I’m glad I did, because it would have been more challenging to complete it in just 1 week.
This project is very specific and here are the guidelines:
The Cost Analysis for Decision Making project is intended to be a comprehensive evaluation of the key objectives covered throughout this course. It will challenge you to apply your knowledge of cost information when evaluating the decision to make or buy a product. Please use this outline and grading rubric as a guide to completing your course project. It provides specific details of the required elements of the project, and it will be used by your instructor as a grading guide.
Read Integrative Case 4-61, “Make versus Buy,” on pages 151 and 152 of the course text. 
Assume that you are the general manager (Mr. Walsh) faced with this decision. You have identified the following four alternatives available to Liquid Chemical Co.
For this assignment you must have the textbook which is:

Textbook details:
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