Devry BIOS 105 Week 2 Quiz Updated

Devry BIOS 105 Week 2 Quiz Updated

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BIOS 105 Week 2 Quiz Updated


1. (TCO3) The molecule that is made during transcription is:

2. (TCO3) What are the correct base-pairing rules for DNA:

3. (TCO3) Which cell structure forms an internal framework inside the cell and is made of microtubules, intermediate filaments, and microfilaments:

4. (TCO3) The movement of fluid through the cell membrane from a high pressure area to a lower pressure area is called:

5. (TCO5) Melanocytes are found in the:

6. (TCO5) Which of the following is an indication of melanoma:

7. (TCO5) Which of the following is a vital function of the skin:

8. (TCO5) Which of the following relationships is incorrect:

9. (TCO4) The type of muscle found in the walls of hollow organs, such as the stomach, and in the walls of blood vessels is:

10. (TCO4) Which of these characteristics best describes cardiac muscle tissue:

11. (TCO4) Identify the type of tissue that is found in lymph nodes, the spleen, and bone marrow:

12. (TCO4) Which of the following is NOT connective tissue


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