Devry BIOS 105 Week 1 Quiz Updated

Devry BIOS 105 Week 1 Quiz Updated

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BIOS 105 Week 1 Quiz Updated


1. (TCO1) Which of these is NOT a survival need:

2. (TCO1) Which of the following is the correct order of elements in a control system:

3. (TCO1) The dorsal body cavity houses the:

4. (TCO1) A section that divides the body on the longitudinal plane into equal right and left parts is called:

5. (TCO1) The ribs are located in the:

6. (TCO1) Which of the following orientation and directional terms have the same meaning (in humans) :

7. (TCO2) The reaction A + B → AB is an example of a(n) :

8. (TCO2) An atom with an atomic number of 14 will have __________ electrons in its valence shell

9. (TCO2) When a pair of electrons is shared equally between two atoms, the bond formed is called a(n) :

10. (TCO2) The organic compounds that function in building tissues and acting as enzymes are the:

11. (TCO2) Which of the following is an example of an inorganic molecule

12. (TCO2) Water is useful in body processes because


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