BUS 611 Week 6 Final Paper Selling Project Management Report (Roto Air) updated

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 BUS 611 Week 6 Final Paper Selling Project Management Report (Roto Air) updated

Week 6 ¬ Final Paper
Selling Project Management Report
Your updated knowledge of project management and experience at Roto Air has earned you a promotion to a
senior project manager. Roto Air has recently purchased a smaller company that is the current supplier of
electro¬mechanical assemblies used in the Quick Drop 100. After your first visit to the updated company you
find that there is no formal project management system in use and that local management is not aware of
the advantages of using project management principles. Your assignment is to educate the updated
management team and prepare them to welcome and integrate project management skills and tools into
their operations. To do so, you will prepare a persuasive, factual report that:

1. Defines a project and project management and differentiates routine operations.
2. Explains the benefits to the business of using project management methodology.
3. Describes the role and importance of a project sponsor.
4. Examines the benefits of using project teams and methods of developing them and improving

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