BUS 611 Assignment Project Management Software (Roto Air) updated

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 BUS 611 Assignment Project Management Software (Roto Air) updated

Project Management Software
Roto Air has decided to use Smartsheet as the software for project management and collaboration. The Quick Drop 100 Transition team will be the first to use it. You will enter into a self-teaching exercise based on selected project information that will be provided to you. In preparation you will need to navigate to smartsheet.com and create a free trial account good for 30 days.

Assignment: Project Management Software
This is a learning exercise using data provided to you. Please do not enter different or additional data. The software is user friendly and quite intuitive. Complete the following steps:

1. Navigate to smartsheet.com.
2. Login using your email address and individual password.
3. Using the Create New tab at the upper left, open a New Project Sheet.
4. Save the sheet as Quick Drop 100 Transition and your last name.
5. Under Task Name for row 1, enter Kickoff Meeting. Note: Rolling over the icons in the left hand column under Home reveals the function of the button. Find and hit the Wrap button to display the full text of any entry.
6. Enter 1 in Duration. (Durations have been set to display days).

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